A debate on quality and safety in healthcare

Research Activity

I am an active academic researcher in the field of quality and safety in healthcare. Currently, I am involved in multiple research projects and education research activities including:

  • personal doctoral research examining multiple perspectives of safety in home healthcare and designing a safety measurement framework – more information available in Safety in Community Care (PhD)
  • research as part of a Masters qualification that is exploring the cause of heel ulcers, which hypothesises that Peripheral Arterial Disease contributes to the formation of so-called pressure ulcers of the heel – more information available in Heel ulcers: is undiagnosed PAD responsible?
  • research as part of an MPhil qualification that determines the patients perspective of the effectiveness of a palliative advanced care plan – more information available in Advanced Care plans – the patient perspective
  • research as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) that is testing the reliability of an efficiency measurement system in the operating theatre – more information in Efficiency measurement and improvement in operating theatres


  • research as part of a Master qualification that is exploring key stakeholder perspectives of quality and safety in the care home setting – more information available in Quality and Safety in the Care Home

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